Terminators: Cold Wars – Factory Raid 30JUL02011

We ran a very quick pick-up game last night.

Factory Environs

That is, I picked up my Terminators, Scavengers, and Arctic Troops. Loaded up the Arctic terrain and Dwarven Forge Sci-Fi stuff and hastily set-up a Terminator Factory on the Alaskan North Slope. If you have looked at my previous Terminator Game post, it was the 1st scenario in a 3 or 4 part series (the first being a raid by scavengers on the Oil Pipeline). This one is the second in the series. Having done the Oil Raid and the Factory Raid, it will soon be time for Terminator pay-back with the "Revenge of the Sith" / "Empire Strikes Back" final scenario or two.


We tried out a set of rules which I had stumbled upon just a few hours earlier called BAD AR:SE (that is Akula’s Rules : Skirmish Edition). These are miniatures variant of a 1st person shooter. We played with some modifications to the rules to account for Terminators and ease speed play:

(1) Humans can only take 1 Hit
(2) Terminator can take 3 Hits
(3) Helicopters can be hit on a "6" one the Human Wound chart from small arms.

Sentry Patrol

Terminators OOB:

4 Heavy Terminators (Tank Guns and RPGs)
1 T-600 Terminator (HMG)
22 T-400 Terminators (7 HMGs, 2 Grenade Launchers, 13 Assault Rifles)

East Woods

Human OOB:

2 Little Bird Gunships Helicopter
2 Black Hawk Transport Helicopter

17 Scavengers with 3 AT Rocket Launcher, 2 LMGs, Flamethrower, 1 Engineer, 1 Medic, 1 Recon – balance Assault Rifles

2 Hummers
1 VBIED Tanker Trucker

10 Arctic Mountain Troops (Rangers) with 1 LMG, 1 AT Rocket Launchers, 1 Engineer, 1 Medic, 1 Tech, 1 Sniper – balance Assault Rifles

4 Snowmobile Gangers with SMG

4 Inuit Mushers with Sniper Rifles and Fuel/Fertilizer Oil Drums

Factory and Activation Center


The Rangers drove onto the board from the North table and assaulted the North Entrance to the Main Factory. The Terminators opened the door and begin the firefight.

Rangers Assault

The Rangers’ Engineer drove the VBIED Tanker up to the compound, set the satchel charge, but before he could escape the truck was taken out by a Terminator’s grenade launcher. The Truck did not succeed in blowing up the wall – sturdy construction that or just poor die rolling.

Death From Above

From the West, the two Blackhawks landed just to the North West of the compound and scavengers stormed the Western Entrance to the Main Factory. The door was locked and they could not get in. Before they could blow it, the Terminators opened that door too. Then the Rangers fired their AT Rocket into the northern most room and took out the interior door, the adjacent wall (revealing daylight), and a Terminator or two. BAD NEWS for the Chrome Domes!

Fighting their way in

This created a situation of enfilading fire with the Rangers shooting down the corridor from the North and the Scavengers from the West. Although the Terminators each took a victim or two with them, the ensuing buzz-saw took down 90% of the main terminator body and prevented their breaking out into the open.


A bit further south, two Little Birds swirled around strafing the Terminators that were on exterior patrol. The Terminators in the Activation Center moved into the open to join the battle. The bulk of the southern Terminators concentrated on the Helos rather than the Snowmobile Gang or the deadly Inuit Hunters. The Terminators bunched up to concentrate fire against the aerial threat, but there focused AA was not sufficient in time. The human gunner dropped a Hellfire in their midst and took out 2 Heavy Terminators and a regular Terminator.

Scavengers roll to the objective

The Inuits guided their sleds to the Eastern side of both base complexes and detonated the bombs, completely destroying the Activation Center, destroying the southern half of the Main Factory killing all remaining terminators inside, and setting it on fire. As the Humans fled (for no doubt aerial Hunter-Killers are inbound), only the Terminators on patrol to the south survived.

Viva the Human!


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2 Responses to Terminators: Cold Wars – Factory Raid 30JUL02011

  1. Greyson says:

    Hi this is great ! You did Super on this snow &Metal meltdown !Working on some Skynet fun aswell my game is the later part of the war lot.of metal fewer men junker human armor Lot of ruins and the like anyhow Great Game ! take care Grey in Va ps.hey if you go run termantor at Cold Wars 2012 🙂 ill play as will my Son we love the term.War

  2. Greyson says:

    Hey Great LOTR Battle WoW you have done so well hey any chance of putting on this game at Cold Wars or His.Con.IN VA.AT LAST!!!!!anyhow where are you from ? would love to talk to you we could add some bits to your games.We have alot of LOTR Figs and Buildings etc.. and of such Games like Si Fi and Star wars etc… Hope to hear back Grey in Va near Between Harrisonburg &Staunton Va. God Bless

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