Aero Support – Daemonscape (GZG) 25mm Air Support

Lots of excitement at HQ with the arrival of a new air-wing to support the Little Men. GZG used to makes some great 25mm vehicles, but disestablished the line a couple of years back. This has meant haunting 3rd world venues (e-bay) looking for war surplus or ordering from Eureka in the land of Oz. Eureka is great, but the inter-universe shipping costs are sky-high! More recently Daemonscape has entered the scene and bought the rights to produce the 25mm line. I have previously ordered some of the hover jeeps, combat cars, and the snow-cat from him. Fantastic kit!

Recently I received delivery of the Tactical Interface Transport GZG56 Dropship (and some repair parts for the one I had found crashed in Africa), a pair of VTOL Assault Shuttles GZG73 “The Bug”, a pair of GZG75 VTOL Gunships , and a GZG35 CASEVAC VTOL. All arrived very well packaged and look great. The castings are bubble-free, ready to paint, and very crisp – OUTSTANDING!

I also picked up a couple of the shuttle-portable Scout Cars, the new hover flatbed, the tracked Command Vehicle, and the CASEVAC ambulance. I am going to build the Snow-cat, Flatbed, and Command Vehicle with magnets so that the chassis and cabs / cargo sections can be interchanged.

It is great the Daemonscape has picked up the line, made some improvements, and put these back in the marketplace.

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