Cold as Hell – Putting Terminators on Ice – EM-4 & Copplestone

In 2009, I read the “Terminator Apocalypse: Cold War” book describing a struggle of men and machines on the north slope of Alaska. I bought a pile of minis from EM-4 and Copplestone and added a few more to the mix to create the forces. Inuit sled mushers, scavengers, Army Rangers, Snowmobile Gangers, and of course lots of Terminators. I used the “Skank Rules” aka Warriors of the Wasteland.

Arctic Rangers (EM-4/Copplestone Castings)

These EM-4 minis are the elite remnants of the US Army 10th Mountain unit. The hummers are cheaper dollar store scores. Copplestone makes some more lads that are good match with these and add Mortars to the mix. I also have a fuel truck, an armed snow-cat, Blackhawks, Apaches, and Little Birds for support.

EM-4 Sci Fi troopers painted up as Mountain Troops - Set up the perimeter here!

These were my first attempt at winter camo – I like’em. Baking soda makes great snow when sprinkled on wet white paint:

– GW Gray Prime
– GW Black Ink
– GW Skull White highlights
– GW Chaos Black & Catachan Green Markings
– GW Dark Angels Green Lens on Helmet
– GW Chaos Black Weapons & Gear

Mountain Troops & Hummer

Inuit Mushers and Sled Dogs from Copplestone’s Polar Perils line


Sleds are kit-bashed for post apoc look & much cheaper than buying 4 sleds. The barrels are removable game objectives.


Scavengers from Copplestone Castings Future Wars line

I love these scruffy minis. Really easy to paint, lots of character, and armed to the teeth. Realized once I had played with them a bit that I need some with more normal weapons. I have a on more from EM-4,

Molotov, AT Missile, Flamer
Scavenger Scouts
More Scavenger Scouts

Snowmobile Gangers are made with “Swoop Gang” riders form the WOTC Star Wars Game on Hot Wheels Snowtrackers:


Terminators from EM-4, Copplestone, Reaper, and a few customs.

Heroclix custom T-600 and EM-4 T-400s


Square jawed Copplestone T-400

T-400 Plasma Gun

RAFM Aerostat


7-11 Terminator straw – Mototerminator


Police from Heroclix for my Terminators in Tijuana scenario

Rebased HeroClix Police

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