Picasso I Ain’t – Painting the Little Men from GZG

First a look at one of my favorite minis.

KO PA suit - Merc crawling clear

I ain’t Whistler either, but my buddy (aka Hacksaw on TMP) sure can paint. He brushed up the Islamic Federation troops you see as the standard OpFor in most of my sci-fi battles. Just don’t want anyone to confuse a master with a newb (aka me). The downed Clan Elemental is available from Iron Wind.

You may find my paint schemes useful – they are in my Jackson Pollock figure painting style. They will probably call this my “Dip Period”

New Anglian Confederation Royal Marines (GZG):

Gray Primer
Coverall – camo with base Vallejo “Stone” with Vallejo “Beige Brown” / Reaper “Jungle Moss” splotches
Armor – solid Reaper “Stone Grey” – helmet, clamshell, pauldrons, vambraces, boots
Face shield – Reaper “Highland Moss” / “Honed Steel”; dry-brushed Reaper “Polished Steel”
LBE, Weapons, Straps, Cords – Reaper “Pure Black”; weapons and equipment dry-brushed “Polished Steel”
Pack – Reaper “Highland Moss”
Ground Cloth – Reaper “Jungle Moss”
Magic Dip – 1:1:1 – Future Floor Polish : Windsor Pea Brown Ink: Water – the dip will transform the armor from gray to a dirty khaki

Skimmers – Base Vallejo Stone, Cushions Reaper Highland Moss, Lights Reaper Honed Steel

Must be some actinic radiation on this planet – sensory overload – anyway here is the NAC rolling to war (making like Hammers Slammers):


NAC Jeeps and Skimmers

ESU Heavy Infantry (GZG):

ESU Buzz-bomb

Gray Primer
Uniform – GW Desert Yellow
Kit (LBE, Pouches, Assault Pack, Boots, Belt, Helmet Strap) – GW Snakebite Yellow
Hair, Weapons, Helmet Mike, & Shoulder Camera – Black
Lens – GW Regal Blue
Gloves – GW Vermin Brown
Skin – GW Elf Flesh with Flesh Wash
Magic Dip

ESU officers

I really love these lads. I bought them on a whim a few years back as some sort of special buy one get one deal (or something like that from GZG). They brush up quick and easy. I also have their Marine brothers in my studio and a two squads of PA to hit with the spray-gun. Remember, don’t start a land war in Asia…


Next blog – more pictures of other forces. That is the lads are mustering, but the Colonel is having TD getting the dang sensors on’em. Just to wet the appetite – Kh’iff, Ventauran Star Legion (in Zhodani field gray), and Federation Stellar Marines (in spring jungle camo) all from Denizen.

Paint’em as you see ’em.

Lost Pict

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