GZG, the Tuffleyverse and The Little Men

I prefer hard Sci-Fi to Space Opera (despite my massive Star Wars collection). As an engineer and combat vet, I can relate to the hard stuff, whereas Space Opera is the stuff of dreams (not nightmares), 😉

In gaming terms, my first love was Traveller. More recently Stargrunt II (SGII) by Ground Zero Games or the newish Hammers Slammers fit the bill. Of course the matching 25mm minis are exactly my cup of tea. SGII’s setting is the Tuffleyverse – a large universe of various humans fighting it out in colonial wars of expansion. I have always figured that the verse is big enough to accommodate a lot others since the rules are generic.

From GZG I particularly like the New Anglian Confederation (NAC), Eurasian Solar Union (ESU), Islamic Federation (IF), and my newest acquisition the Federal Stats Europa (FSE) in their FFL kepis.

So here are some of my Little Men in action:

GZG NAC Marines – Jeeps and Skimmers:

New Anglian Confederation  (NAC) - Scout Jeeps and Infantry Skimmers

GZG IF Infantry:

Islamic Federation (IF) - Bunker complex

GZG ESU Heavy Infantry:

Eurasian Solar Union (ESU)  - Dig into these buildings

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2 Responses to GZG, the Tuffleyverse and The Little Men

  1. I like the cammo on the troops. Very believeable. Great terrain. Where is it from?

    • lostpict says:

      Thanks – I like to make the uniforms look lived in. The Terrain with the Islamic Federation is mostly Miniature Building Authority (and belongs to my buddy). The desert stuff is mostly Crescent Root with some JR Miniatures, MBA, and homemade styrofoam stuff (and is mine).

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