LOTR: Galadhrim Ambush 23JUN2013

LOTR Strategy Battle Game

I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings books, movies, world, Tolkien, and my own participation in this realm of the imagination through the wonderful Games Workshop Lord of the Rings “Strategy Battle Game” (SBG) and “War of Rings” miniatures game. For quick games, I really like SBG. I have large, painted armies for the Kingdom of Rohan and Gondor to pit against move even larger collections from Mordor, Harad, Khand, Easterlings, and Isengard. My son has a very nicely painted army from the Golden Forest of Lothlorien, minions of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel, the mighty Galadhrim! We played the game below a couple of summers back on a very pleasant day. We set the game up in my gazebo under a birch tree and had at it in the dappled shade with the leaves dancing to the dice. My son won the first game and I took the second.

Photo Log:

Scenario One: Haldir’s Galadhrim company ambushes a column of Uruk-Hai support troops on the way to Helms Deep. Ballista and Ram are non-functional tokens in this scenario.

Background: Haldir is one his way to Helm’s Deep with a company of Galadhrim elves when he crosses Orc sign on the road. Knowing a village is just a bit down the road, Haldir’s lads dart through the woods to intercept the Orcs. They arrive in time to warn the villagers just moments before the Orcs come into view. The Orcs are a support column hauling a ram and ballista to Helms Deep with a small troop of crossbowmen. The Elves form a battle line across the road while the villagers skedaddle. The Orc cross-bows are just in range and open fire. In the meantime the other orcs try to flank through woods (a slow slog). The Uruks are quickly feathered by arrows and take refuge behind the inert Ballista. Eventually, the orcs flank the elves from the woods and the elves draw back to town. You may notice in the hurry the livestock is left behind and a BABY! Oh dear, the mother re-enters the board and rescues the tyke with Orcs just feet away. The crossbowman (down to just 3) charge up the road and the rest of the Orcs make a desultory broken charge against the elves. It is touch and go for a minute, and then the Orc leader blows his courage check. The Orcs flee into the wilderness leaving many shot full of gray gulls and they do not make it to Helms Deep.

Game Details:

350 points of LOTR SBG per side.

Uruks: Captain Snaga, Banner, 8 crossbows, 8 Sappers, 12 Uruk Warriors

Elves: Haldir, Elf Captain, 8 Bows, and 14 Swordsmen

Buildings by Hovel, JR Miniatures, and scratch built.

Civilians & Animals – BTD, Discount Minis, and Mithril

Uruks and Elves – GW

Uruks rout when Snaga fails morale check.

Body count:

Uruks – 10 Elves

Elves – 17 Uruks (ouch!!!)

Scenario Two: The next day (literally) Lurtz leads a raiding party in search of the lost column. His forces include a stand of pike, a set of bowmen, and a party of warg-riders. The Elven mix of Cavalry and Infantry array themselves along the wood line and try to lure the orcs to their doom. Instead, the orcs hold steady and charge at once against one end of the Elven line. The elves retreat into the wood edge and attempt to use their superior maneuverability in the woods to balance the charge, but the orcs are just to tough. Suddenly, Haldir finds himself on the receiving end of 5 pikes and a Captain. Haldir is slain as the pike-backed Orc Captain uses 2 might points to overcome the doughty Elven warrior. The remaining Galadhrim cavalry and foot rout.

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